What Our Customers Have to Say

Hany just helped me and

Hany just helped me and my partners purchase a pharmacy. Hany has an amazing professional character and helped us in every single step and was there for us with professional advice.

We can’t wait until our next transaction with Hany.

Tony Hana

Andrew Rizk, Pharmacist

I’ve worked with Hany on several occasions and can say, without a doubt, that he is the best at what he does. Hany knows our business inside & out and is an expert in negotiating deals that allows both parties to walk away satisfied with the outcome. It is always a pleasure working with Hany.

Andrew Rizk

Eva Rivera, Pharmacist

Hany is one of the best realtor Ive ever met ! He is very professional and help out through the whole process of selling the pharmacy . He is an expert in Pharmacy Business and I highly recommend to my colleagues !

Eva Rivera

Ahmed AbdelWahab, Pharmacist

Hany understand the business and the legal framework for pharamcy business inside out . During transaction he stands in middle
Ground facilitating the process either for the buyer or the seller and is swiftly able to gain trust and respect of all parties . He is a true professional and pleasant person to deal with .

Ahmed AbdelWahab

Ping Lee, Pharmacist

I have known Hany for years . He is a very professional and reliable agent. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to purchase or sell a pharmacy.

Ping Lee

Bobbi Khazra, Pharmacist

Hany is exceptionally professional, ethical and has an in depth knowledge of the pharmacy business. He assisted in my recent sale of my business and made the entire process which can be stressful, as seamless and stress free as possible. I would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase and/or sell their pharmacy.

Bobbi Khazra,

Nicola Tawfik

Hany has been in the commercial pharmacy business for many years that made him gain the proper tools to help me as buyer and seller in multiple transactions. I would definitely recommend him if you want a confidential, fast, professional transaction

Nicola Tawfik

Nabil Gobran, Pharmacist

I have been in the pharmacy business for over 10 years. Whenever there is a business opportunity, I can always rely on Hany’s professional, weighted, fair and most of all honest and sincere opinion. Hany, it’s always a pleasure dealing with you. All the best.

Nabil Gobran

Domenic Rando, Pharmacist

Thank you for your honest, professional and ethical way in which you handled the sale of my pharmacy, Your knowledge was very helpful in determining the fair market value of my business and facilitating its sale. Sincerely.

Domenic Rando

Dr. Al-Karim Ladha

Hany, Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your professional help in marketing our pharmacy business and finalizing the sale. I believe that your talent, expertise, contacts and knowledge made it possible. I also appreciated your confidentiality and understanding. Thank you very much.

Dr. Al-Karim Ladha

Roudolph Zaky, Pharmacist

When I purchase from Hany, I can be assured that what I’m buying is for the highest standard, He lookout for both his buyers and sellers need and is always available when I needed to answer any questions or concerns I may have, he is honest and trustful.

Roudolph Zaky

Andrew Awadalla, Pharmacist

Hany brings a hard working mentality to every transaction, making sure both parties walk away with what they want and what is fair. Hany has always been honest with me and I will continue to use him for purchases and selling of all my stores.

Andrew Awadalla

Amgad Hakim, Pharmacist

Hany always show a unique level of professionalism. He is such a dedicated and committed agent to his clients. His transparency always exceeds our expectations.

Amgad Hakim

Ashraf Bebawey, Pharmacist

Hany is very professional and honest, I feel so confident when I deal with him that I will get the best and fair deal, wish you all the best Hany.

Ashraf Bebawey

Rafik Botros, Pharmacist

I dealt with Hany and I found him very knowledgeable and ethical person. His strong attention to detail, make Hany the professional agent you are looking to deal with. Because of his experience, you will find that the deal is moving in an easy and smooth way.

Rafik Botros

Wael Elshebokshy, Pharmacist

Working with Hany was a successful great experience he understands the needs of his client and what the client is looking for He listens, communicate and then start acting for the best interest of his client He has the knowledge and the experience to give his clients the best advice and service. I wish Hany all the best in his career he deserves to be in the lead.

Wael Elshebokshy

Hany Ahmed Ali, Pharmacist

Hany is a professional honest and experienced real estate agent who has a sense of humor. Hany helped me out in my search to find a suitable pharmacy. Hany’s priority is his customer’s satisfaction. Hany has a very good connections with huge list of motivated buyers and sellers. I strongly recommend him to be your first choice real estate agent for your next transaction either residential or commercial.

Hany Ahmed Ali

Margo Henes, Pharmacist

Many thanks Hany for your professional service. It is really very informative and accurate. Your service and experience is of great value.

Margo Henes

Maha Kamel, Pharmacist

I’m glad that I got to know such a successful realtor as Hany Eltalawy. I found out that dealing with Hany is a great experience as he is very pleasant, helpful, professional and dedicated. Hany knows the pharmacy business very well. He is professional, ethical and I feel confident when making a business decision with him.

Maha Kamel

Ash Faltaous, Pharmacist

I found Hany to be a very hard working, professional and reliable Real Estate Agent. He was very instrumental in helping me sell my pharmacy. He was very professional at all times, and he guided me through every step of the way, starting with evaluating the pharmacy and determining a fair price, all the way through to closing the deal, making the process simple and easy. He is very knowledgeable about the pharmacy market, and he has a long list of serious buyers he is working with who are eager to make a deal. Hany always kept me informed of progress at all times, and always provided his recommendations and advise, but he did so in a non-pushy manner. He was also very accessible and responsive, replying to emails and voicemails promptly, even when he was on vacation. And most importantly, he got me the price I wanted in a very timely manner. Actually Hany got me a signed offer within a week of contacting him! I would recommend Hany to anyone who wants to purchase or sell a pharmacy.

Ash Faltaous

Aiman Abdelsayed, Pharmacist

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hany Eltalawy for his honesty and professional advice starting from looking for a pharmacy through the whole process till finalizing the deal Hany was very helpful to point out positive and negative points so at the end he made me very comfortable to make the right decision I felt he works really for my interest. In addition to your friendly personality your knowledge and experience made me very confident that I made the right decision to have you as my agent Thank you again.

Aiman Abdelsayed

Michael Khzym, Pharmacist

Hany has a great experience, knowledge and he always works in the best interest of his clients. I recommend Hany to anyone who seriously considering buying or selling a property.

Michael Khzym

Khayrat Saad, Pharmacist

I know Hany personally long enough. He is an honest and sincere person however I did not get the privilege to do business with him. Definitely I recommend Hany as a business real estate agent.

Khayrat Saad

Michael Elgendy, Pharmacist

Anonymous Client, In a highly dynamic and very competitive market, credibility is something that can not be overlooked. I have dealt with many realtors but Mr. Eltalawy was very honest and sincere to both parties involved. Sincerely.

Michael Elgendy

Ihab Labib, Pharmacist

Hany Eltalawy has been a trusted name in the commercial real estate in pharmacy market for years. He is professional, ethical and is up to date on the commercial real estate profession Good Luck.

Ihab Labib

Philippe Assad, Pharmacist

Hany is a DIFFERENT realtor, i found in Hany Honesty is his key and his strength, he really works hard with patience until he gets the right thing for his customer, he gets what i want right away, in a very smart way. Hany knows the pharmacy business very well after all the years of experience he knows how to evaluate the risks and the opportunities in every pharmacy.

Philippe Assad

Adel Abdelmalek, Pharmacist

I liked working with Hany as I fully trust him, really appreciate his approach to meet my requirements, looking forward to work with him again. Thanks

Adel Abdelmalek

Emad Henein, Pharmacist

For first time buyers I definitely recommend Hany. He guide you through the process step by step and always there to address all questions and thoughts. Working with him was a pleasure.

Emad Henein

Pierre Rofail, Pharmacist

Hany has been nothing but professional and helpful throughout my first purchase. He was very informative of the process, and honest with what is required from all parties involved (myself included) Thanks again for your hard work

Pierre Rofail

A.J., Pharmacist

Hany has been an exceptional asset in assessing and evaluating the pharmacy for sale. His no nonesense attitude is what both sellers and buyers appreciate. Many thanks for for the sale!!


Joseph Saad, Pharmacist

Hany is a trustworthy person in whom you can place your trust and rest assured that the trust will not be betrayed. Hany will not let you down your expectations. Hany is really a professional and reliable Real Estate Agent.

Joseph Saad

Antony Henen, Pharmacist

If you are looking to buy or sell your pharmacy , your best options would be with HANY as a professional experienced realtor , HANY shows the highest levels of honesty , transparency , I really enjoy dealing with HANY

Antony Henen

Peter Sadek, Pharmacist

Working with Hany was a pleasure. He respects both the buyers and sellers needs. He is honest and hardworking, and his sales are always of the highest quality. Look forward to working more with him in the future.

Peter Sadek

Chadi Karroum, Pharmacist

I dealt with Hany in numerous occasions and has shown a very professional approach to the deals every time. He was fair to the buyers and sellers and presented the deal objectively with clear numbers and explanations. I look forward dealing with Hany on my next pharmacy deals.

Chadi Karroum

Shady Mikhail, Pharmacist

Hany was a pleasure to deal with and was helpful and thorough throughout the entire purchase process. He checked in frequently and tried to keep everything on schedule offering help along the way up until the successful closing date and even afterwards. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our next successful transaction! Thanks Hany – Shady

Shady Mikhail

Raafat Sief, Pharmacist

I had the opportunity to deal with Hany in recent pharmacy purchase and I found him incredibly honest and very knowledgeable in all aspects of pharmacy business. He looks after both the seller and buyer needs.. He is straightforward and objective and is a definite asset for the buyer and the seller Thanks – Hany Raafat Sief

Raafat Sief, Pharmacist

Charlie Lim, Retired Pharmacist

I have been in the pharmacy business for 40 years. I’ve known Mr. Hany for 15 years, I can always rely on Hany’s professionalism, Weighted fair and honest opinion, Hany is always a pleasure dealing with. I thank him for great advice and guidance in selling my store. Thanks, Charlie

Charlie Lim

Arian, Pharmacist

This was my first time dealing with Mr. Eltalawy for pharmacy sale. By the time I started dealing with him I recognized that he know his job very well. He is very professional and expert in pharmacy business and he has a lot of serious buyers. He can negotiate the best deal for you. He is my agent from now when it comes to selling or buying a pharmacy. I will definitely recommend Mr. Eltalawy to others.


Nabil Said, Pharmacist

It was really a pleasure and comfort to deal with you while selling my pharmacy in Markham, I would really want to thank you very much for your great coordination between all the parties during this transaction which shows your excellent and deep professional experience. It was my first time dealing with you Hany which I am pretty sure that I will deal with you again and again in the near future, I will definitely recommend you to all my friends as you are a great person to deal with in all business opportunities.

Nabil Said

Malak Hendi, Pharmacist

Thanks Hany, I really like the way you analyze the pharmacy details in your emails to introduce the opportunities it is very professional and clear and is helping anyone to take the decision.

Malak Hendi

Peter Bekhit, Pharmacist

It was a pleasure working with Hany during the recent closing of my pharmacy. Hany was very professional and honest through out the entire process. As problems arise they are quickly solved with his knowledge and expertise. I highly recommend him if your in the business of buying or selling pharmacies. Thank you Hany and I look forward to dealing with you again.

Peter Bekhit

Mina Michael, Pharmacist

Hany took the time to understand the pharmacy business inside out before specializing there . That brings knowledge and professionalism to any transaction he gets involved and hence ends to a seamless transaction for both parties Chapeau Hany , you got my word of mouth

Mina Michael

Farid Entekhabi, Pharmacist

This was my first time dealing with Hany for buying a pharmacy . He knows his job very well and he does it very professionally. He is an expert in pharmacy business and can negotiate the best deal for you. He follows any issue seriously and he is a guy that you can trust in, when you want to buy a pharmacy. I will definitely recommend Hany to others.

Farid Entekhabi

Meena Bakhoum, Pharmacist

Informative and punctual . Represents his clients to the best of his abilities . I would definitely refer him to the others.

Meena Bakhoum

Fady Mikhail, Pharmacist

Working with Hany has been an absolute pleasure. He was quick to respond and cater to any questions or concerns. Worked diligently to get a fair deal for all parties included. Highly recommend his services backed by years of knowledge and experience.

Fady Mikhail

Ramez Hanna, Pharmacist

Hany is an expert in making deals. Very professional and honest . I recommend Hany to anyone who seriously considering buying or selling a property .

Ramez Hanna

Sina Salehi, Pharmacist

Hany displays the utmost level of professionalism. He listens and adapts the most efficient pathway to fulfill the clients’ needs. He is very diligent, punctual, making sure that the transaction is fair and balanced and on schedule. I recommend Hany’s services to anyone in the industry.

Sina Salehi

Sam Bassili, Pharmacist

I had the pleasure of working with Hany in my recent pharmacy purchase. I found Hany to be honest, professional and knowledgeable. He was always available whenever I called on him and he provided me with advise and support. His years of experience in this field proved valuable in navigating the challenges that pop up in the course of a transaction. I recommend Hany for your real estate needs.

Sam Bassili

Richard Swiderski, Pharmacist

Hany is one of the most professional and honest real estate agents that I have ever dealt with, period, be it residential or retail. His in depth knowledge of the pharmacy real estate market and his extensive network of potential buyers and sellers is immense to say the least. I would recommend Hany, hands down, to anyone looking for an agent. There is no one out there that could surpass his hard work, diligence and devotion to his clients. It has been a real pleasure to deal with you. Thank you so much!!

Richard Swiderski

Meena Ishak, Pharmacist

It was an absolute joy to work with Hany. He is very professional and knowledgeable and helped make sure everything went well throughout the entire process. I am very much looking forward to working with Hany again in the future in would highly recommend him to other colleagues looking for a real estate professional.

Meena Ishak

David Fleming, Pharmacist

Hany was a great asset in facilitating the sale of our pharmacy. He was hard working, and dedicated to both parties involved. I would highly recommend Hany if you are looking for a professional, experienced broker to assist you with selling.

David Fleming

Emad Henein, Pharmacist

Working with Hany was a great pleasure. He is so competent to do this job , honest , hard worker and always ready to answer any question at anytime. Hany knows the market very well and he always fair for both sides , buyer and seller. I honestly recommend him for any future business and he will always be the person I can count on for any future deals.

Emad Henein

Ibraam Elfizy, Pharmacist

Hany was very knowledgeable, professional and reliable. Definitely I would recommend Hany as a real estate agent. Thank you for all your help Hany

Ibraam Elfizy

Tom Zawarynski, Pharmacist

Hany provided me with honest and excellent help. He was very professional and efficient in finding qualified buyers. He was able to help me value my pharmacy so that I could get a fair price. I would recommend Hany to anyone who is wanting to sell their pharmacy. He is an excellent agent and person.

Tom Zawarynski

Nicola Tawfik, Pharmacist

Hany has been in the commercial pharmacy business for many years that made him gain the proper tools to help me as buyer and seller in multiple transactions. I would definitely recommend him if you want a confidential, fast, professional transaction

Nicola Tawfik

Eddie Petrov, Pharmacist

Hany is great at what he does. He was professional, efficient and great to work with to ensure our transaction went smoothly and closed on time. Highly recommended!

Eddie Petrov

Aryo Mehrabi, Pharmacist

Thank you Hany for your professional advice and honesty which made me confident enough to approach such a journey. I strongly suggest others who are thinking about selling their pharmacies in the future to consider consulting Hany in this matter. Aryo

Aryo Mehrabi