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I have many years of experience in the pharmacy market. It is my determination to go above and beyond for my clients. I am not interested in burning bridges I expect to exceed my clients' expectations so they will never need to look for another agent for any of their future needs.

I am honest and have a no nonsense approach. I will be there every step of the way to give you the best advice from the start. Whether you want to buy or sell I’m here to make it a headache free transaction. For many buying or selling a pharmacy will be one of the biggest decisions. You want to have the right support.

From my massive list of contacts from across Ontario I determine the most interested and qualified buyers in order to ascertain an ideal buyer that is likely to pay the best price.

If you are selling we can look over and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your pharmacy. An accurate and objective evaluation is essential. I can help estimate the fair market value of your pharmacy. By taking a look at your demographics, prescription mix, the stability of your pharmacy, development in the surrounding area and return on investment. From there we can plan an effective strategy. There may be areas that can be improved to showcase its true worth and therefore increase the value of your business.

We know buying or selling a pharmacy is a complicated process. That is why we offer a personalized service to decrease your workload and increase your return. So if you are ready to sell, interested in buying another pharmacy or have questions call me take advantage of all we have to offer.


Exceeding client expectations


Your success is our success


Backed by years of experience in the field.


Where to begin?
Preparation is essential to getting a great deal. Is it more advantageous to buy an established pharmacy or build your own? How can I structure a deal so that it will gain approval? What details are needed to close a deal? What is due diligence? Before going any further you need to consider: Lifestyle
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Ultimately all pharmacy owners sell.
Whatever the reason if considering retirement or any other personal reason, the fact is many sellers lack experience and often buyers have been involved in many transactions. Prepare for eventual exit, address issues long before contemplating the sale of your company then it will be effectively positioned
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What is a pharmacy really worth?
To determine the accurate Evaluation of your business pharmacy you have to consider many factors not only the net profit, dollars per script or percent of of revenue
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Your Lifestyle Matters

Do you enjoy being part of a community? For example word of mouth advertising and sponsoring local community events can attest your level of commitment to your neighborhood. It can do wonders for your business. Success can be found in rural areas as urban areas. It really depends on your preference. Although your choice in this regard may limit your acquisition options, you have to figure out where you will be happy.

Specific Locations

Search the web to find out the size of the market and the demographics. Does the area have healthcare institutions like hospitals, dentists or doctors near? Take a good look at your competition both chain and independent. Think about the location. Is it easily accessible? Is it visible? Are there other businesses near to help draw traffic? Is parking an issue? Think about the future are there any planned infrastructure developments? Find out by searching federal, provincial and local government authorities.

Finding a pharmacy that is on the market

This can be tough. I have the tools and knowledge to help you find the best pharmacy that’s right for you. I will guide you through the specifics of this process. Through my extensive network I can search a targeted area for a pharmacy that is for sale. Even if you have something specific in mind I can prepare listings that meet your needs. When it comes to due diligence I know the right questions to ask and the appropriate documentation needed to analyze profitability and structure of the pharmacy.


You need to be prepared; the supply of pharmacies never keeps up with the demand. So you need to be in a position to act. To get organized you will need to meet with your accountant and talk to multiple banks. Don’t forget a professional solicitor. With these professionals backing you, you will have the legal and financial knowledge needed. They will point out risks and advise you how to deal with any issues that may arise.

Future Growth

When looking at a pharmacy take into consideration the potential future growth and business strategy including the long and short term sales forecast. (There are financial and non-financial aspects that determine the value). You will be in the best position possible when you choose a solicitor that is focused solely on pharmacy transactions.

Other aspects to consider

Don’t let a good thing pass you by. If the perfect pharmacy comes on the market and it meets all your criteria. It might seem to be priced higher than others are selling for, but waiting could delay your potential income for months. Good things don’t come along every day.



Timing of the sale? Where to get trustworthy advice? Best way to sell?


The price you would like for your pharmacy? Receiving financial planning advice? For how much you will get at end of the transaction Any critical elements of sale/items not prepared to negotiate on? Where to received Independent legal and taxation advice from professional adviser?


Some sales can take only a few weeks others up to six months or more The time it takes Other factors include how good your pharmacy is in finding the right buyer, Lease, right price and right buyer


You have options many choose to sell outright but partnership is another option. Professionals can give advice about timing, terms and tax impact.


Vendor finance might be the tipping point in closing the deal. Be cautious though you need to protect yourself. Be sure your documents for the finance is ready like computer reports and financial statements and any other proof for business income


What information do you need to have available? Your information will need to be verified so make sure you have supporting financial information ready, this will help dispel any fears that a buyer may have because they'll see that your business is transparent and this will reduce any perceived risk. Failing to have your financial information ready can delay the process.


Make any necessary improvements to maximize the asking price and increase your value. It’s important to have your business independently valued and assessed. The price you set will determine whether you will achieve a sale. If your price is too high your pharmacy may get little interest and you could be on the market for too long.


Have everything in order before you put your business on the market. First impressions are lasting so you want to make sure you present your pharmacy in the best possible way. Keep your inventory up-to-date and make sure it is well organized. All your financial information will need to be up-to-date. You can help your company be more attractive by developing documentation.


Realtors are critical to finding suitable buyers. Make sure you have a realtor you can trust.


To determine the accurate Evaluation of your business pharmacy you have to consider many factors not only the net profit, dollars per script or percent of revenue.

One Must Also Consider

  • Good will
  • Average of prescription price.
  • Daily prescription count
  • Breakdown of insurance
  • Rent
  • Sold goods cost
  • Percentage of refill
  • The inventory
  • Wages
  • Technology
  • Hours of operation
  • Geographic location

Its many ways to determine the valuation Historical data (usually financial statement) and projection values, usually a mix of methods are used depends on the purpose for that evaluation.

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